Overview: Wrap-up

A Real-Time with automated inventory tracking system eliminates tedious inventory tasks, ensures that the location of devices is always accurate, enhances data integrity of data center automation, and improves security. Manual asset tracking and inventory processes are doomed to extinction as they are supplanted by continuous automated asset tracking systems, a prerequisite for true automation in the modern data center.


Accurate Inventory Management

Wrap-up is our easy-to-use DCIM software that lets you maintain an accurate inventory of data center assets and real-time views across your entire data center, including equipment in racks like servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels and majorly the applications running on VMs/Servers.

Everything at the One Click

It basically shows you the entire power and network chain at a click of a button. Wrap-up is a comprehensive enterprise-class DCIM solution that eliminates pain of managing multiple files from ad hoc desktop tools like spreadsheets.

Real-Time Tracking

Industry analysts are forecasting ~40+% DCIM market growth. Now may be time to look into a solution that enables you to accurately track and view your assets in real time, so you can manage your data center or lab more intelligently.

Why Wrap-up

IT departments can often lack the data required to make informed procuring decisions, which can lead to profligacy. This lack of information poses a challenge, as IT departments struggle to understand future resource allocation. And, as data centers move business resources towards a converged or cloud solution, this is likely to continue.

realtime CMDB

Why Wrap-up

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