Overview: Wrap-up

With the Wrap-up's ITFM module, gathering a central repository of mission critical information is no longer a fully manual process. Instead, it provides CIOs and CFOs with the facts required to better understand the IT investment, all while choosing the best service to suit their needs. The ITFM module provides a holistic view of the IT landscape with integrations ranging from collaboration software to configuration management databases (CMDBs) and on-prem to cloud inventories and costing.


Comprehensive Exhibiting

Supple, easy-to-use and customized modeling capabilities will provide the insight into all IT costs across the enterprise, enabling unit cost to be a metric that drives critical business decisions and provides IT consumers with a discussable measure of value.

Usage and Request Management

Vigorous consumer demand planning enables the organization to accurately budget and forecast future IT needs, making IT investment planning more predictable, collaborative and proactive.

Holistic Cost and Infra Management

A custom-made, holistic application portfolio management dashboard, the organization can conduct repeatable, sustainable analysis for application justification based on age, criticality, performance and cost components, providing the ability to understand the true cost of its applications.

Why Wrap-up

ITFM systems help IT professionals make informed decisions about their investments and strategies.NARMIX IT Financial Management software enables the seamless management of IT to spend by automating and expanding analysis, planning, and forecasting of your IT costs, fuelling innovation, smarter spending, and eliminating padding.


Why Wrap-up

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